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Even the worst pet stains, spots, and odors can be dealt with using environmentally safe and pet-friendly deep steam cleaning.Pets . . . Wonderful furry, fuzzy creatures made of kisses and love. We pick them out, take them home, train them, raise them, feed them from the table even when we aren’t allowed to, and grow old with them.
But (besides kids) pets are the most destructive household force you’ll find!
At Green Light Carpet Cleaning, we know all about pets. Wonderful blessings, the shedding, stains, and scents that they can leave around an otherwise clean and well-put-together home can be incredibly distracting and difficult to deal with using off-the-shelf cleaners.
Fortunately, even the worst pet stains, spots, and odors can be dealt with using environmentally safe and pet-friendly deep steam cleaning combined with powerful but  safe professional carpet and rug cleaning solutions for the tough stains.
Even if you can’t remember the last time your house was de-furred and really, well, clean, Green Light Carpet cleaning has the knowledge and tools to save your carpets on the brink, restore the color and texture of even heirloom or cotton rugs, and bring a healthy and long lasting feeling of clean back to every room of your home.
And all this is usually $29.99 per room, with estimates available over the phone and emergency visits available.
Green Light also has carpet repair services available for any tears, claw marks, or other physical damage your pet may have inflicted in your carpet. We can quickly and seamlessly patch small holes or fix even major damage so that you won’t even know anything happened.
So whether you are responding to the latest pet vs. house emergency, or just looking for some deep spring cleaning, Green Light Carpet Cleaning is here for you with proven customer service and over 32 years of combined carpet cleaning experience.
And yes, we’re good with dogs!

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