Area Rug Cleaning

If your area rug has suffered a severe stain or seen its share of abuse, Green Light Carpet Cleaning can help.

At Green Light, we are always surprised at how neglected many area rugs may be. Even those who regularly have their carpets thoroughly and professionally cleaned often forget these useful and beautiful pieces of art.

If your area rug has suffered a severe stain or seen its share of abuse, Green Light Carpet Cleaning can help.

As rugs are used, they naturally attract hair, dust, dirt, and allergens which become embedded in the material, diminishing the color and healthfulness of the rug. Vacuuming helps, but can’t really extract these particles, and many area rugs are too big and bulky to be easily washed and dried.

The same deep steam cleaning and special detergents that are so effective on carpets and upholstery can have a profound effect on area rugs, powering out debris and restoring color, texture, and cleanliness to the piece.

Even wool rugs, normally very tricky, can be safely treated, stripping away years of wear and tear.

At Green Light we’ve worked very hard to make sure that we are the best source for area rug cleaning in Contra Costa Central. Our costs for cleaning area rugs are often half of what our competitors charge, and even the worst condition rugs usually be restored to the way you remember.

So give us a call for your free, no pressure estimate and let us bring back some color and make those rugs look new again!

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